FoneTool : Backup and Transfer iPhone Data on PC

AOMEI produces a number of different backup software. These backup programs provide backup features for PC backup, cloud backup and iPhone backup. One of their backup software called FoneTool provides backup and restore features for any model of iPhones. Using FoneTool we can create a backup of all the files from our iPhone on to our Windows PC.

FoneTool was formerly known as AOMEI MBackupper. Even though it has been renamed, it still retains all the same features a before. It works with all the devices that are running on Apple iOS operating system. It can backup data from iPhone, iPad or iPod and we can restore this data whenever we want it. This way we can backup files from one iPhone and transfer it to a newer iPhone.

FoneTool can be used to create a full or partial backup of your data. In the full backup mode, it copies everything from your iPhone to a folder on your PC. The backup contains all the photos, videos, music, messages, contacts and more. We can later view different files from this backup or extract them for our use. It can keep all the most important data for us and secure it in the event of a failure or resale of the device.


In order to start using FoneTool, we need a USB cable using which we have to connect the iPhone to our PC. It will automatically detect the iPhone and do everything needed to connect it to your PC. Pretty soon, you will see some basic information about your iPhone on your PC screen.

For backing up the data and restoring it back, we can go to the Phone Backup section. We get the options to backup full or selective data from the iPhone. In the Backup History section, we can find the old backups and restore the data from these.


AOMEI FoneTool also has tools to convert HEIC to other image file formats such as JPEG. The tools also include a phone eraser or permanently erase all the files from the phone. They also offer a photo deduplication tool which is able to find similar looking or identical photos from your iPhone.

You can download FoneTool from