SkinFiner : Make Skin Look Beautiful in Your Photos

After taking pictures of yourself or your friends, you have to edit them a little to make them appear better. During the editing you can remove objectionable or unwanted things, you can enhance the colors and remove the spots from your face. You can make your skin smoother and spotless using a freeware tool called SkinFiner.

It is a software that is available as a standalone  image editor application. But it is also available as a plug-on for other popular image editing software such as Adobe PhotoShop or Lighroom. Adobe Lightroom is designed to batch process your photos in a faster speed and SkinFiner works really good with it.

SkinFiner can be used to retouch portraits by smoothing, enhancing colors, or applying skin tones. In addition, it enhances the appearance of faces in portraits and increases their output quality. It can be used in automatic mode or manual mode.

SkinFiner, when used as a standalone application, shows an editor window in which we can open a folder location and choose the photos to edit from the pictures strip at the bottom. As soon as  we select a photo, SkinFiner goes to work automatically. It creates a mask and applies retouching all by itself. In the results, we can see the before and after sections of the photograph.


But if you want to go to the manual route, then you can also create your own masks, adjust how skin is being smoothened and how the skin imperfections are being removed. We can also select from presets for skin tone enhancements, and different levels of smoothening.

SkinFiner automatically detects redness and yellow areas on the skin. We can quickly fix redness on the face and even out skin tones with just a few sliders. SkinFiner makes advanced color adjustments to your photos while retaining all the details intact.

You can download SkinFiner from