How to Disable Google Chrome Journeys Quickly

Google Chrome web browser is always bringing newer features for everyone. Now they have a useful feature called  Journeys. Chrome Journeys is an extension of the web browser history that already existed in Chrome just like in any other web browser.

When we visit a website, the web browser stores the webpages and their URL in the browser history. But if you take a look at the browser history, it is a long list of URLs along with the date and time you accessed them. It is not easy to see which of the pages were accessed when you were researching about something such as “best food for losing weight” or “weight loss supplements”.

What Journeys feature in Chrome does is that it groups all the webpages accessed for a topic. The Journeys are shown in the same page as the Chrome history. You can see small groups of pages under the history put together by the topics. These groups are not necessarily listed in the chronological order, but they all reflect the same topic.

Here is how you can disable or enable Chrome Journeys on the desktop computers really fast:

  1. Launch Google Chrome web browser and press the hotkey Ctrl+H to open the browsing history. Alternatively you can click on the menu icon, then select History from the Chrome browser menu.Chrome Journeys
  2. On the side of the History page, you have to click on Turn off Journeys to disable Chrome Journeys. Similarly, if you want to enable Chrome Journeys, then you have to click on Turn on Journeys.

So this is how we can toggle the Journeys feature easily in the desktop Chrome web browser. This feature is available for the desktop version of the Chrome web browser. As of now it has not been made available for the mobile version of the Chrome browser.