Ambie : Listen to Calming Ambient Sounds on PC

When working on your computer, reading a book or trying to relax or compose something, you need  a focused, calm and undisturbed mind. Without a focused mind, you won’t be able to complete your projects. Similarly, if you are not feeling relaxed, you will have hard time sleeping.

With the help of an open-source app called Ambie, we can listen to white noise sounds that can help us relax and stay focused. It is a relaxation tool gives us an opportunity to listen to ambient sounds of various kinds. We can also put together your own mix of different sounds and thus ensures relaxation, concentration or focus.

The Ambie app is available from the Microsoft App store but the developer also makes the MSIX bundle available for direct download. We can install this app on Windows 10 and Windows 11 only because of the dependencies which are downloaded at the time of installation.

This Windows app offers a large selection of nature sounds such as beach, birds, city street, coffee shop, creek, fireplace, rain, rainforest, thunderstorms, underwater, waterfall, white noise, wind, etc. All these sounds offer a different aura for your relaxation and sleeping.


We can change the master volume of all the sounds. We can also mix up to three different sounds together. There are slider controls using which we can control the volumes of the individual noises. This way, we can prepare a concoction of the ambient sounds. For example, we can combine city street and rain sounds to give you an impression that you are in the middle of a busy street while it is raining.

It comes with a sleep timer function which can help you go to sleep easily. You can set the number of minutes after which the sounds should stop by themselves.

You can download Ambie from