How to Link Desktop Device with Telegram App

Telegram is gaining popularity as a secure messenger app. It is available for both Android and iPhone. In addition to its mobile app for Android and iOS, it can also be accessed from the web browsers. If you want to use Telegram from the comfort of your large screen desktop computer then you have to first link your mobile app with the desktop web browser. The mobile app is linked with your Telegram account and when you link the app with a desktop web browser, you will be able to use your Telegram account on your desktop web browser.

Here is how you can go about linking Telegram  with any desktop web browser :

  1. Visit on your desktop web browser on your desktop computer.  It will show you a QR  code that changes every few seconds.
  2. Launch the Telegram app on your smartphone.
  3. Tap on the Telegram menu icon to pull down the menu. Select Settings from this menu.Link Desktop Device with Telegram
  4. On the settings screen, select Devices from the list of settings categories.
  5. Tap on the Link Desktop Device button and it will open the code scanner using which you have to scan the QR code that is being displayed in the desktop web browser (step 1).Link Desktop Device with Telegram
  6. As soon as the scanning is done successfully, you will be ready to use Telegram on your web browser.

This linking has to be done on all the desktop devices on which you want to use Telegram. This method works on all platforms including Windows, Linux or macOS. Even on a single device, it works only on the web browsers that you have separately linked. This means the Telegram app has to be linked on all of those web browsers on a desktop computer if you want to use it on those web browsers.

For example, if you have linked Telegram with your Firefox web browser on your Windows PC, then you cannot use it on the Chrome web browser on the same computer without linking it with Chrome browser first. The steps for linking Telegram with various desktop web browsers are exactly the same.