How to Disable Animated Thumbnails on YouTube Music

YouTube Music is the music streaming app from Google. Before this it was known as Google Music. But since 2020, Google Music has been discontinued and now only YouTube Music is available for all the mobile platforms. Now it comes pre-installed on all the newer Android smartphones that you are going to buy.

YouTube Music is powered by the official YouTube music content. This content is uploaded by large music corporations like Sony Vevo. Unlike other music streaming apps like Spotify, YouTube Music can play the music videos in high definition.

When you search for music or music videos on YouTube Music app, it displays the animated thumbnails which are useful in checking out a small preview of the video itself. But some people do not like the animated thumbnails. Fortunately, these thumbnails are very easy to disable on YouTube Music. Here is how it is done:

  1. Launch YouTube Music app on your Android/iOS smartphone.
  2. Tap on your profile picture to pull down the menu and select Settings from the menu.YouTube Music
  3. On the settings screen, tap on Show animated thumbnails.
  4. You have three options – Never, Always, Wi-Fi only. Choose Never to disable the animated thumbnails completely. YouTube Music
  5. Close the settings screen and go back to the mail YouTube Music screen by tapping on the back button.

If you are disabling these animated thumbnails because they could lead to consumption of too much mobile data even when you are searching for some music, then you can choose Wi-Fi only option. This way the animated thumbnails are displayed only when you are using a Wi-Fi network to access the internet.

If you want to disable the video thumbnails because you just do not like them or they make you feel disoriented, then it is the best to choose Never to disable them in all conditions.