jaBuT Backup : Portable Backup Software for Windows

jaBuT Backup (Just Another Backup Tool) is a backup software for Windows that promises ease of operation. It is available for Windows in both a portable program format and also as an installer package.

The user interface for jaBuT Backup shows a list of all the backup profiles that you have created previously. If you have created a number of backup profiles, then it allows you to search through them easily by their names or other particulars such as the source or the destination folders.

When we start to use jaBuT Backup, the first thing of course is to create a backup profile. jaBuT Backup allows you create a backup profile in just 4-5 easy steps. First of all, you have choose a source directory, a destination directory, whether you need any compression, interval for backup, mode of backup, and a name for the profile.

jaBuT Backup

The source folder is the folder that needs to be backed up. The destination directory is where the backups are placed. Usually the destination folder is kept on a separate hard disk drive. The mode of backup can be simple copy, exact copy, simple move, exact move, simple compress, exact compress, synchronize, and mirror copy.

We can run any of the backup profiles by selecting it and using the hotkey Ctrl+Alt+R. We can also right-click on it and choose to Run it from the context-menu. Depending on the backup parameters, the backup tasks will be completed and you will see a progress update.

jaBuT Backup is a freeware with no strings attached. It does not come with any bundleware or spyware. Its developers assure that it does not dial back home. This means that jaBuT Backup does not collect any type of user information and send it to any of the servers online for tracking the user.

You can download jaBuT Backup from https://jabut.de/en/.