Fix YouTube Music Not Playing on Wireless Headphones

YouTube Music is becoming more and more popular with the youngsters because it features the latest and upcoming music videos. Only recently the famous K-POP group Twice released their new music video Talk the Talk on YouTube Music. While the music could be played back on any other music streaming app, we can watch the music video in ultra HD only on YouTube Music app.

When listening to the music over the wireless Bluetooth headphones, sometimes we end up not listening to anything if we are using the YouTube Music app. This problem occurs even if the Bluetooth is enabled on the smartphone and the headphones are properly connected with the smartphone over the Bluetooth. We can play music through other apps, but YouTube Music is not working.

Here is how we can quickly fix this problem in a few seconds:

  1. Turn off Bluetooth on your smartphone by pulling down the quick menu and tapping on the Bluetooth icon.
  2. Launch YouTube Music app and tap on the user profile icon, then select Settings from the menu.YouTube Music
  3. Enable the option Allow external devices to start playback.YouTube Music
  4. Close the settings screen and go back to the main YouTube Music screen.
  5. Now enable Bluetooth on your smartphone once again. Wait for the wireless headphones to connect. When the connection has been made, tap on the play button on your headphones. You should be able to listen to music on your wireless headphones now.

The problem could be twofold – you do not listen to music at all when listening to music through YouTube Music, or you cannot start the playback of music by pressing the “Play” button on your headphones. In the both cases, the above instructions work flawlessly.

However, if even after following these steps, your Bluetooth headphones do not play any music, then you have to consider the possibility of some hardware related problem in the headphones.