Jihosoft HEIC Converter : Convert HEIC to JPEG

Apple’s newer versions of iOS save the captured images in the new HEIC image file format instead of the JPEG format. This is because of the superior compression and better quality offered by HEIC. This image file format can save your storage space on your iPhone. Now you can keep capturing photographs using your iPhone camera and save many more photos in the same storage space.

But problem with HEIC is that it is not recognized in the older versions of operating systems whether macOS or Windows. Therefore it becomes necessary to first convert the HEIC image files into the more popular JPEG image file format if you want to view them on Windows or Apple devices with older operating systems.

For converting HEIC images into JPEG image file formats, we can use Jihosoft HEIC Converter. It is a free image format converter that can convert HEIC images into standard JPEG images. It has as very easy-to-use interface. In its window, we can start by adding HEIC image files in the list. We can add as many files as we want.

Jihosoft HEIC Converter

In the options, we can change the folder where the converted JPEG files are saved. There are no other options like the picture quality or the compression ratio. Without any of these confusing options, the task becomes even easier. Now you can simply click on the Save to JPG button. The status of the converted HEIC files is displayed in the window. After this, you can check the JPEG image files in the output folder.

Jihosoft HEIC Converter

You can check the file sizes of HEIC images and the respective JPEG images side by side and compare their sizes. You will be able to see that the HEIC files are considerably smaller in size compared to corresponding JPEG files. In our tests, we found that HEIC file size was one -third of the corresponding JPEG files.

You can download Jihosoft HEIC Converter from https://www.jihosoft.com/heic/heic-converter.html.