CDRoller : Recover Files from CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Discs

When you use cheaper or low quality optical disc media for saving your data, chances are that it won’t last very long. This is because of the fact that cheaper optical discs (CD or DVD’s) use very cheap dye. This dye is through which data is written on the disc through a laser beam. But if a cheap dye is used, then it starts to decompose at the slightest increase of humidity and temperature. You can actually some CD’s develop dark spots on them which is a indicator that the dye deterioration.

When you insert such optical discs into your DVD drive on your PC, they are either not recognized or we cannot read all the files present on them. We can easily recover files in these situations using a software called CDRoller. In addition to the optical disc drives, it is also able to recover data from flash memory devices such as SD cards, USB drives and more.


As we launch CDRoller, we are greeted with a user interface where it asks for the mode of operation – recovery from CD, DVD, Blu-Ray disc, or recovery from flash memory devices. In the case of a CD/DVD, CDRoller starts to analyze the disc and then analyze its file system and contents. If CDRoller is unable to analyze the disc, then you can click on the “Refresh” button so that CDRoller is forced to analyze the inserted disc.

Once the disc appears in the list in CDRoller interface, we can click on the “Recover All” button in the toolbar to save all the files that can be saved from that disc. We can save the recovered files to a folder on the local hard drives. But we can also copy the recovered data to a brand new blank optical disc using the “Burn” option.

CDRoller is very useful for recovering data from your old CD collection. If your twenty years old CD or DVD are not working anymore, then CDRoller can be used to recover all the possible data from them.

You can download CDRoller from