Once Renamer : Rename Multiple Files At Once

Sometimes, we need some of the files renamed in a particular manner. For example, we might want to replace some letters from the filename with another set of letters. For these and many more file renaming needs, we can use a freeware called Once Renamer. The application title suggests that it can rename a large number of files in just one go without waiting.

Using Once Renamer we can append some characters in the filenames, add some suffix to the already existing filenames, replace a string from the filenames with another, make the letters uppercase, encode the filename using URL encode or decode the URL characters from the filename etc.

Once Renamer  is a portable Windows application and using it is also extremely easy. After launching Once Renamer we can add all the files that you want to rename. For renaming rules, we can pull down the “Name” menu and choose one of the operations such as copy, insert, overwrite, replace, capitalize, URL encode, URL decode, Free Edit and Enter.

Once Renamer

The “Free Edit” operation opens a small text window and shows the names of all the selected files. In this text window, we can manually edit the names as we like. We can also copy-paste the list of names from here into another text editor such as Notepad++, edit the names there and copy the list back into the Once Renamer.

Another operation “Enter” is meant for instant renaming of any of the selected files in the list. It is similar to the F2 hotkey in the Windows File Explorer. We can use it for quick renaming of any of the files.

After setting all the rules of the file renaming, we can simply click on the “Perform Rename” button. This will start the process of renaming the files which is almost an instant process. We tried renaming 10,000 randomly created files using Once Renamer and it renamed everything in less than 5 seconds.

You can download Once Renamer from http://moochos.nobody.jp/en/software/oncerenamer/index.html.