uView Player Lite : Watch All Online Videos in PIP Mode

If you are like me and keep listening to online radio stations or watch some of the great videos available online while working on various projects, then you are going to love the free uView Player Lite. It is a reliable online media player that plays all kinds of videos in the PIP mode.

The PIP mode (picture-in-picture) mode allows us to play the videos inside a small window pinned to the lower-right corner of your screen. The position of the PIP window can be changed by the user and its size can also be adjusted. Using the PIP mode, you can work on other things while the live broadcast from Twitch or a movie from Netflix is being played in the PIP mode.

The uView Player Lite comes with a unique user interface that mimics a search engine. You can search for any thing on a large number of video streaming and live streaming sites. This includes some of the popular sites like Netflix, Twitch, Dailymotion, Vimeo and more.

uView Player Lite

Once you have found a video on any of these dozens of supported services, you can play it. This will automatically play the selected video in the PIP mode. The small player window is placed in the bottom-right corner of your Windows desktop above the taskbar.

We can obviously change the size of this PIP window. We can also drag this window around on the screen and change its position. However the best position for the PIP window is definitely one of the less used corners of your Windows desktop. If we hover the mouse cursor over the PIP window, then we can also access the video playback controls.

uView Player Lite

In addition to the online videos, uView Player Lite can also play the locally stored video files as well as online radio stations. We can also open music playlists in this player.

You can download uView Player Lite from https://www.idruf.com/uviewplayerlite.