PhotoDiva : AI Assisted Portraits Editor for Windows

Who doesn’t want to look like those models that appear on the covers of popular magazines like GQ, Cosmopolitan Elle, Grazia, Marie Claire, Vogue etc? But those big magazines hire experienced and highly trained professionals for retouching the photographs. How will we able to achieve the same quality of editing? Thanks to the powerful PhotoDiva software, now anyone can edit their photographs and produce stunningly beautiful portraits.

It is a professional quality photo editor using which we can create beautiful and modern portraits. It works in automatic AI assisted mode and produces amazingly looking portraits in seconds. With its help we can smoothen the skin and remove all the wrinkles from the face.

It can be used to change the shape of the face or the body to make it look much more attractive. In the paid version, we can also add virtual makeup to bring out the natural beauty of your face. The virtual makeup includes everything – lipstick, eye shadow, eyebrows, eye liner, eye curler, foundation and more.


Using PhotoDiva we can correct and beautify any portrait. We can improve the colors, low lighting and even remove distortions in the photo and skin imperfects. In addition, we can completely remove any of the unwanted objects in the photo (or example, people, animals, trees etc), change the hair color, change the eye color, change the background and more.

The blemishes on your face can be removed in two ways – automatic touch-up and manual touch-up. With the manual method, you get a brush tool to retouch the spots that are to be cleaned. A mix of both the methods is recommended to achieve the best quality.

The free version offers limited functionality and some of the features are not available. With the paid PRO version, we get access to the virtual makeup and also additional photo effects for bringing out the beauty of your face.

You can download PhotoDiva from