010 Editor : Versatile Text and Hex Editor for Windows

Microsoft Windows comes with some basic editors already installed. The basic text editor Windows Notepad can be used to edit plaintext files easily but it is not able to edit any binary files. For editing binary files, we need a hex editor such as 010 Editor. The title of this program itself is comprised of zeroes and ones which shows that it is a binary files editor. But 010 Editor is not just a binary or hex editor, it is also able to edit other text files whether they are plain-text files or source code files for various languages.

010 Editor has a simple user interface with a file browser, tree view and drag-and-drop support. During the installation of this editor, we get a chance to associate it with many different file types such as Intel Hex files (*.HEX), Motorola S-Records (*.S19, *.S28, *.S37), Binary Templates (*.BT), and more. We can also add it to the File Explorer context-menu and to the system PATH variable. With these options, we can use the 010 Editor easily from anywhere.

010 Editor

010 Editor allows you to import and export HEX code, overwrite it, add time stamps, specify file sizes, use bookmarks. We can open all kinds of files in 010 Editor such as text files, XML, HTML, Unicode and UTF-8 files, C/C++ source code, PHP, CSS, JavaScript files etc. It is able to open very large size files of the order of 50 GB. When opening a large file, its behavior will change depending on the amount of RAM installed on your PC.

The editor also allows you to work with scripts, modify fonts, line widths or create new templates. There is also a built-in calculator and a byte-by-byte comparison tool. It allows an unlimited number of undo operations. When opening a binary file, it can use many binary file templates to analyze the binary data and show you detailed information about that file.

010 Editor

If you need a powerful text and hex editor, then 010 Editor is the best choice. It can be used for looking at the files of all kinds at a very low level. For example, we can analyze binary files for forensic or malware analysis using this.

You can download 010 Editor from https://www.sweetscape.com/010editor/.