Protect Online Privacy with Atlas VPN for Windows

A VPN hides your real IP address and tunnels all of your internet traffic through an encrypted network. It is similar to using a proxy server but in addition to hiding your IP address like a proxy, it also encrypts your internet data. All the data received (downloaded) and sent (uploaded) gets encrypted using high grade cipher like AES 256 bit. It is end-to-end so there is no possibility of someone sniffing the data in the middle and make some sense out of it. There are many VPN services available today such as Atlas VPN.

Free and anonymous VPN

Atlas VPN is a free and anonymous VPN server available for the users of all types of platforms. After installation of Atlas VPN on a Windows PC, it asks us to login using an existing account or create a new account. For creating a new account, all we need is an email address.

Hundreds of available servers

After logging in to Atlas VPN, we can select one of the VPN servers located in hundreds of cities all over the world. There is a list of all the servers and there is also another list that offers streaming services friendly VPN servers. Clicking of a button will connect to the selected server. Alternatively, we can make it choose the fastest available server for the connection.

Atlas VPN for Windows

Free 5GB monthly data for everyone

In the free version of Atlas VPN you get 5 gigabytes of data volume for free. That should be enough for users who use the internet on their Windows PC casually. But this is obviously not enough data if you watch TV shows and movies online. You get access to three different server locations in the free version: Amsterdam, Los Angeles and New York.

Many protections built-in

It comes with many online protections built-in such as tracker blocker, data breach blocker, protection for devices. The tracker blocker can stop third party trackers, ads and malware. The data breach blocker can whether your personal data was leaked on the internet. The protection module allows you to shield all of your devices with just one Atlas VPN account.


Atlas VPN comes with a single setup file which is easy to install on any Windows PC. It offers many fast VPN servers completely free of cost. Based on the number of available servers, the data transfer speed of these servers and their performance, we can conclude that it is one of the best free VPN services available today.

You can download Atlas VPN from