Delete Text or Images from PDF File with PDF Eraser

If you a PDF file that needs just a little but of editing like removal of tiny bit of the text or removal of an unnecessary image, then you can use PDF Eraser. It is a program that allows users to remove text and images from documents saved in the PDF file format.

We can use PDF Eraser to remove text or image from any of the pages in a PDF document. It has a unique user interface that looks like an image editor. First of all we have to open a PDF file in PDF Eraser. Once the PDF file is opened, we can use three erasers of varying sizes (small, medium and large) to erase any object from the PDF.

The PDF file can be rotated and moved so that you can find the right angle and position to erase an object (text or image) out from it. If you want to delete all the objects from a large area, then you can use a rectangle tool. As we select an area on a PDF page, all the contents falling inside it will be erased.

PDF Eraser

While PDF Eraser removes text and image from a PDF file, it can also be used to add text and image to the PDF file. In its toolbar there are two tools for adding the text and image. The eraser and the adding tools can be used one after another for replacing an existing object with another. For example, you can replace your old photographs with recent ones inside a PDF file.

PDF Eraser has a PDF Page Cutter tool using which we can get rid of unwanted pages. This tool opens up in a new window. We can select which pages to be removed and it removes the entire pages in a second.

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