WExplorer : Alternative Portable File Explorer for Windows

If you miss the old classic Windows File Explorer from the days of Windows XP, then you are going to love an alternative File Explorer called WExplroer. It is a lightweight and portable application that can be run from anywhere including portable drives. It works on all versions of Windows including Windows 11.

Portable application

Being a portable application, it can be run without being installed on any Windows PC. It supports both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. It does not leave any remnants or traces behind. It does not create any entries in the Windows Registry.

Classic file explorer

In the user interface of WExplorer, we can see all the drives that are available to Windows system. When we select these drives, their contents are shown in the right-side pane. This is how it used to be in the File Explorer of Windows 95/98.


Special commands

For special commands and functions, we have to right-click on the folders and the files inside them. As we right-click on the various items, we get access to functions like Find, Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename, Send To, Set as Wallpaper, Read Folder Size, Open “cmd.exe” Window, and more.

Photo browsing

WExplorer can be used to browse your collection of photos as it contains an image preview feature. We can enable this feature easily from its menubar by selection View and then Image Preview. Now if you open a folder containing pictures, you will see a bottom section in which preview of the selected images is displayed. If you select more than one image, then the first image is the one for which it is going to display a preview.

Folder size pie chart

To give an idea of how a folder or drive is consuming all the available space, we can use its Read Folder Size feature. This feature can be accessed both from the toolbar and the right-click menu. It shows a pie chart of how various files and folders inside the selected folder/drive are using all the space.

You can download WExplorer from https://www.coopware.in2.info/_wexplorer.htm.