LoadedDllsView : Shows DLL’s Loaded by Processes

DLL files contain executable code that can be used by many programs. DLL files can be shared by many applications at the same time. But for using the code inside a DLL file, a program has to load that DLL file into memory first. If you want to know which of the processes are using (loading) a DLL file at a given time, then you can use a freeware app called LoadedDllsView. It is a small tool with which we can access the list of all active or loaded DLL files loaded into the memory on Windows. The program works on all Windows versions. It supports both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Windows.

LoadedDllsView comes as a portable application. We can extract it to a folder and launch LoadedDllsView.exe from there. As soon as it is run, it starts to scan all the running processes on the operating system. It finds out the dynamic link libraries in use by all of the processes running on Windows.


In the user interface of the LoadedDllsView window, we can see a list of all the DLL files along with all the detailed information – version number, path and other technical parameters. For each of the DLL, we can see the number of processes it is being used by, whether it is a 32-bit or 64-bit DLL and product name etc.

After selecting the DLL file in the top section, we will get a list of active processes that have loaded the selected DLL file. The processes list shows the process file, when the process was created, the user who created the process, process ID, product name, product description, product version, whether the process is running elevated or not, etc.

LoadedDllsView is very useful for the Windows users who want to investigate a suspicious looking DLL file and how it is being used by any processes. We can also generated HTML or TXT reports using this application.

You can download LoadedDllsView from https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/loaded_dll_view.html.