CapFrameX : Capture and Analyze Frame Rates on Windows

For the serious PC gamers it is very important to make the most of their system hardware. They often remove unnecessary software from their Windows PC, disable unused Windows components and run benchmarks after tuning up the system. Many PC gamers keep two or three graphics cards and install them for playing different games. In general, they want to have a gaming computer with the maximum frame rates without compromising the graphics quality.

If you are also trying to have the best hardware configuration for playing games, then you ca use CapFrameX. It is a professional tool that records screen frame-rates and displays performance measurements of the main processor and the graphics card in your computer. Using this software we can analyze the frame rates and determine the performance boost of the PC after making changes in the hardware configuration.


CapFrameX can be used to record the frame rate when you are playing games. It can accurately displays the analyzed data and run performance tests of the graphics card and other hardware. After capturing the framerate related data, it will display measurements and graphs of the number of frames per second or other important technical parameters using special graphic overlays on the game screen.

The greatest advantage of the program is the analysis process and the subsequent display of the result in the form of graphs and other professional readings. These are easy to read and we can quickly check the hardware performance after tuning up the system.

CapFrameX not only captures the data for your system’s analysis, it can also run tests and compares the data on other systems. It shows the rank of your gaming PC after it has analysed and compares it with other computers who also use the same CapFrameX to test their gaming PC.

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