How to Edit PDF Files in Firefox Web Browser

Mozilla has been continuously adding new useful features in each of the new major versions that are being released. In the version 106, Mozilla has added many new features that are going to be very productive in nature for everyone. One of these new features is enhancements to the in-built PDF JavaScript based viewer of Firefox. Now you can edit and digitally sign the PDF files from within Mozilla Firefox.

Starting from version 106, Mozilla Firefox will be set as the default PDF viewer on Windows in the case you have not already set another PDF viewer as the default for PDF files. This is not much different from the Google Chrome browser and Chromium based web browsers such as Microsoft Edge or Opera.

Now whenever you open a PDF file in Mozilla Firefox web browser, you will be able to edit this file. But the editor is no a full editor as you would expect from Adobe Acrobat Professional or from Foxit PDF Editor. The editor available in Firefox is more of a highlighter or annotator.

Firefox PDF Editor

We can select the drawing tools from the PDF viewer application. We can change the color that the drawing pen is using. We can change the thickness of the drawing pen tip. We can also change the opacity of the whatever is being drawn on the PDF file.

Similarly, we can add text anywhere on the PDF file – on any of its pages. We can select the ‘add text’ tool and then click anywhere on the PDF page. This will add an edit box on that location and we can start typing there. We can change the size and color of the text font. There is no option to change the text font face. The edited PDF has to be saved or your changed will be lost.