Cookies Notification Hider Removes All Cookies Banners

Almost all the websites today display a “cookie banner” when you first visit that website.  Originally it was mandated by the European Union for all the sites accessed from within the European countries. But now all the websites show this banner no matter from where you access it. So if I access a newspaper website from the United States while sitting in Argentina, I will most likely see this cookie information banner.

These cookie banners are now everywhere and people are getting tired of them. Everyday, people all over the world see these cookie banners millions of times and not many of use care too much about them. We just click them off and proceed with the website.

If you are also feeling annoyed by dozens of these cookie banners appearing on your screen everyday, then you can use the free Firefox extension called Cookies Notification Hider. This extension automatically dismisses the cookie banners without any intervention from the user part.

Disable Cookies Usage Warnings

Once installed in your Firefox web browser, this extension goes to work right away. You can now start visiting any number of websites, you will not see those annoying cookie banners anymore. It works silently without interfering n your regular web browsing.

According to the extension developer, this extension is going to work with many websites, but there is no guarantee that it is going to work automatically with all the websites. The developers says that the reason for this behavior is that all the sites are to be tested separately. If you encounter a website that still displays the cookie banner, you can contact the developer and they will modify the code to support that site too.

Cookies Notification Hider

The Cookies Notification Hider extension is so simple and so efficient that it does not have any settings. It just does its job and keeps everything as simple as possible.

You can get the Cookies Notification Hider extension for Firefox from