DiskCopy : Easily Copy Drives or Partitions

Sometimes we have to make a full copy of the drives or the partitions on them. This way we can make a backup of the entire drives or their partitions. For making a copy of the various drives, we can use a freeware called DiskCopy. Designed by Carifred software, this tool is portable and does not require installation.

In order to launch DiskCopy, you don’t have to install anything. You can simply double-click on DiskCopy.exe to launch the software. After it is launched, it will scan your system and display a list of all the available drives.

There are four lists displayed in the DiskCopy window. We can begin by selecting the drive (that we wish to make a copy of from) the top-left list. It will scan the selected drive and find all the partitions on it. The detected partitions are displayed in the top-right list.


Just like before, we have to select at least one of the partitions from the list. These partitions are selected that we wish to make a copy of. We can select only one drive but more than one or all of the partitions from the selected drive.

Now we have to choose the destination where the backup files will be copied. The destination capacity should be larger than the capacity of the source drive. This is because the data from the source drive should be able to fit on the destination drive. You can pick any kind of the portable external drives which are easily available over Amazon. These external drives are of very large storage capacities like 2 TB or 4 TB and are ideal for keeping backups.

The drive or partition backup process begins when we click on the “Start” button. The progress is displayed in the DiskCopy window and we can see the notifications about completion of the process too.

You can download DiskCopy from https://www.carifred.com/diskcopy/.