Determine Carbon Footprint of Your PC with Dr. Hardware

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) footprint or simply carbon footprint is the amount of green house gases released into the environment due to our actions. In the case of a device, the carbon footprint is the greenhouse gases include methane and carbon dioxide released into the air either directly or indirectly through the electricity consumed.

Our desktop or laptop computers also have some carbon footprint. Gaming computers with power hungry graphics cards use more electricity and have more carbon footprint. Similarly, if your computer uses HDD instead of a flash drive (SSD) then it is going to have a lower carbon footprint. In addition, the manufacturing process of all the different components also result in carbon emissions. But how do you determine the carbon footprint of your computer?

We can easily find out the carbon footprint of any PC using Dr. Hardware. It is a hardware analysis and information software for Windows. It can display the complete hardware information about your Windows PC and also comes with some extra features. For example, it has Win 11 Check feature using which you can determine whether your old PC can be upgraded to Windows 11 or not.

Similarly, it has a feature for determining your computer’s carbon dioxide footprint. Here is how it is used:

  1. First of all download and install Dr. Hardware from
  2. After the installation is over, launch Dr. Hardware and switch to the Hardware section. Then select CO2 Footprint sub-section.Determine CO2 Footprint
  3. You can now find the various details about the carbon footprint related to your PC.

It shows the manufacturing process carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) for your PC and the monitor separately. It also displays the sum total of CO2e in terms of kilograms. Next to the data is displayed number of trees which are needed to turn over the equivalent CO2 in one year.

As a responsible person, you can note down this number of trees and make sure to plant a minimum of that many trees in the next year. We can join community groups to plant these trees around us in an organize manner.