Hexinator : Professional Hex Editor for Windows

No matter what type of file we have – images, documents, text, programs etc, they are all made up of a series of binary numbers – zeroes and ones. Since binary numbers (base 2) are not easy to deal with and decimal numbers do not offer as much information (base 10), the computer programming often makes use of the hexadecimal numbers (base 16) to represent this binary data. This is why hexadecimal has become a standard since the very beginning of the modern computer programming history.

Hexadecimal is also called hex in short. In order to open any file and view its hexadecimal content, we use a hex editor. There are many well known hex editors available such as Hex Editor Neo and Hexinator which is a professional hex editor that can decode files automatically into their hexadecimal format.


Hexinator comes with its unique ability to understand the data format that a file format uses. The rules of analyzing the data format are written into an XML file which is called a grammar file. It comes with some ready-to-use grammar but we can also use its Universal Analyzing Engine to create grammar for our file formats. The benefit of having grammar is that a file and all the data inside is automatically and instantly decoded.


We can use it to edit files of unlimited size – insert, change or delete in files of infinite size. The size of the file opened using Hexinator depends only on your computer’s hardware limits.

Hexinator also has a Script Engine to automate routine work with Python scripts. In addition, it has powerful tools – Compare files, calculate checksums, decode numbers or display a histogram of binary files.

Hexinator is an ideal tool for modding games, modifying game save files, low level editing of drives, analysis of files, repairing of corrupt files, extraction of useful data from otherwise useless drives and more.

You can download Hexinator from https://hexinator.com/.