EaseUS ScreenShot : Free Screen Capture Software

EaseUS ScreenShot is a free screen capture tool for Windows. It offers two types of screen capture – full-screen capture and rectangular region capture. The screenshots can be saved into a number of image file types including the popular formats. It also comes with a minimal screenshot editor.

Very lightweight

EaseUS ScreenShot is very low on system resources usage. It runs in the background and can be launched either through hotkeys or through its notification area icon. When a hotkey is used, it jumps into action like a well oiled machine. There is no lagging and the user does not have to wait at all.

Easy to remember hotkeys

Hotkeys used by some other screenshot capture applications are a combination of special keys and letter keys. For example, another popular screenshot application called HyperSnap uses Ctrl+Shift+F to capture full-screen, Ctrl+Shift+R to capture a rectangular region, Ctrl+Shift+W to capture a window etc.

But in EaseUS ScreenShot, the hotkeys are just pressing Ctrl two times for capturing a rectangular region and pressing Alt twice for capturing the full-screen screenshot.

EaseUS ScreenShot

Ease of access

This screen capture program hides in the notification area of the Windows desktop. Whenever we need to capture a screenshot, we can right-click on this notification area icon. A small toolbar will appear on the lower desktop screen, and we can choose to capture full-screen or rectangular region from our screen. This is useful for the users who do not like using their keyboard that much and feel more happier when using their mouse or touchpad.

Editor for screenshot annotation

EaseUS ScreenShot also allows you to annotate the captured screenshots using an in-built image editor. As soon as we capture a screenshot, it is automatically opened in this small editor. It has all the basic tools for annotation and we can improve the created screenshot images through this built-in editor. It comes with tools to draw arrows, lines, rectangles, circles, add text and add mosaic effect to hide some portions of the image.

EaseUS ScreenShot


While EaseUS ScreenShot lacks features found in top-of-the-list screen capture tools like SnagIt and HyperSnap, it makes up by being much more lightweight, easy-to-use and clutter free. It should be perfect for someone who wants to quickly capture screenshots and do a little bit of annotation on their Windows computers.

You can download EaseUS ScreenShot from https://recorder.easeus.com/screenshot.html.