How to Check Password Security Strength Online

All of our online accounts are usually protected by a password. Even though more and more service providers and websites are now offering two-factor authentication (2FA), the first line of protection is the basic username and password. This is why we must use a very strong password which is not easy to guess or crack even by very powerful computers.

One way to ensure that you are using a very strong password is through strong password generators like Norton Password Generator. This and many other password generators can be used to create very strong random passwords. We can follow some simple guidelines to generate a strong password such as:

  • Password should be at least 12 characters long and longer if possible. Using a longer password makes it harder to crack. But very long password could be difficult to memorize.
  • Password must use all the character sets that we can type using a standard keyboard – lower case letters, upper case letters, numerals and special characters.
  • Password should not use dictionary words, names of people, places, objects, email addresses or dates.

Besides these points, we should also not use the same password on all sites, we should not write down passwords on pieces of paper and so on. But there is an online app that can be used to check the security strength of a password.

Password Checker Online

For testing your password, you have to visit in your web browser. You can type in your password in the text box provided on that website. It will instantly tell you if your password is secure and how long a powerful computer will take to crack it.

You will observe that longer the password is, securer the password is. The color of the website background changes from red to yellow to green to indicate how secure your password is. It gives you some idea about the passwords that you are already using and the new passwords that you wish to use.

If this web app shows your password to be insecure or less secure, then you should quickly change your passwords with a stronger password. We can use password generator apps such as 1Password Strong Password Generator to create very very strong passwords.