Epic Games Store Giveway : Rising Hell

This week Epic Games store is giving away a platformer game called Rising Hell. The game will perhaps put you in the right mood for the upcoming Halloween this month on the 31st October, 2022. We expect more of the horror games to be given away by the game giveaway king of the world – Epic Games store.

Rising Hell is a platformer game and reminds of the old fashioned games from early 90’s. The games of those era were either horizonal or vertical screen platformers. This game screen goes from up to down making it a vertical screen scroller platformer game.

In this game, you find yourself inside hell. You have to fight all the creatures and demons that usually dwell in hell to make your way out of there. As you go through the various levels of the game, you will find that the levels become more and more challenging.

Rising Hell

The game levels are procedurally generated so that the game never gets old, the maps keep changing and you will never find the same monsters lurking around in the same location. On top of all this heart pumping action, you have the epic boss battles waiting for you.

Rising Hell does not have much system requirements. It can be run on any PC that you might have lying around. If you have a Windows XP computer with intel Core Duo processor and 2 GB of RAM, then the game will happily run on it without any problem.

You can participate in the Epic Games store weekly giveaway and claim a free copy of Rising Hell by visiting https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/rising-hell-253707 in your web browser. You have to login to your Epic Games store account and add this game to your library. Afterwards, you can use the Epic Games launcher app to download this game from your games library to your PC and install it.