How to Enable Dark Mode in Total Commander

Total Commander is a file manager for Windows which features classic dual pane interface. This dual pane interface was very common in the file manager applications from the DOS era and also in the very early versions of Windows. The dual pane helped  working with two folders easily as you could copy, move, delete and compare files between two folders easily. Even today many users feel much more comfortable with the two pane user interface of the file managers. This is why many dual pane file managers are still being developed such as FAR Manager, Midnight Commander, Total Commander and more.

As is the latest trend with all the operating systems and the applications, Total commander is also offering the feature to switch between the dark and light modes. We can easily enable the dark mode in Total Commander in the following manner:

  1. First of all you should download and install the latest version of Total Commander from on your Windows PC. This is because the new dark mode might not be available in the older versions.
  2. Launch Total Commander and then select Configuration from the menubar. After this we have to select Dark <-> Normal. If you perform this step once, Total Commander turns into dark mode. If you do it again, it returns back to the light mode (normal).Total Commander Dark Mode

There is yet another way to enable the dark mode in Total Commander. For this, we have to make the changes in the Total Commander options. Here is how it is done:

  1. Launch Total Commander and select Configuration, then Options from the menubar. This will open the options window for Total Commander.
  2. Select the category Display and then Color from the left side list of options.Total Commander Dark Mode
  3. For the Dark mode option, there are three possibilities – Always enabled, Always disabled or Only when enabled for Windows 10 apps. Choose Always enabled from here and then click on the OK button.

In the second method, you can also set it to automatically become dark mode when the user has enabled dark mode in the Windows 10 or Windows 11 settings.