KShutdown : Automate Shutdown of Any Windows PC

There are so many times when we want to shutdown our Windows PC after some time, after a download is over or after a movie is finished. For example, after watching a late night movie, we might actually fall asleep before the movie is finished. But the Windows PC is still running all the night long and we turn if off only when we wake up in the morning. Similarly, we want to download large size files at night because the download speeds are much better at night – but again, we might sleep for many hours while the PC keeps running for no reason at all even after the downloads are complete.

For situations like this, we can use a third-party program called KShutdown. It is a portable application that offers many automated options for turning off the computer. From its small window, we can choose an action to be taken after a trigger is met. The actions include shutdown, restart, hibernate, sleep, lock, log off, extras and show message.


From the triggers we can choose a specific time, after some delay, after an application is closed, after user inactivity etc. When any of these trigger conditions are met, the selected actions will be taken. After selecting an action and a trigger, we can click on the Activate button to start the KShutdown monitor. It keeps running in the background and when trigger is hit, it quickly takes the associated action.

In the settings of KShutdown, we can display a progress bar on the screen that shows how much time is left when it will shutdown the PC. We can choose to display the system tray icon in black & white color. We can also password protect all the actions so that it asks for the password before actually shutting down the PC.

You can download KShutdown from https://kshutdown.sourceforge.io/.