7-PDF2Word : Convert PDF Files to Microsoft Word Format

PDF Files are everywhere because they can be viewed easily, retain the original look irrespective of the platform, and can be readily printed off any modern printer. However, PDF files are not so easy to be edited. This is why we need to convert the PDF files into some other easy-to-edit document format such a Microsoft Word.

With the help of a third-party application called 7-PDF2Word, we can quickly convert all PDF files into the standard Microsoft Word documents. These Word documents can then be opened and edited using Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer or Libre Office Writer.

Converting PDF files to Word is quick and easy using 7-PDF2Word PDF to Word converter. After installing the program on your Windows PC, you have to simply select the PDF files and then specify a destination folder. It automatically selects a destination folder where the original PDF file was found. If the PDF is password protected, then you have to supply the password for unlocking it.

PDF2Word Converter

You can then specify a few settings, including whether bookmarks should be inserted or which Word software the converted file should be compatible with. By default, it chooses the Microsoft Word classic document (.DOC). Among other options, we can choose JPEG quality, whether to make the images compatible with older versions of Microsoft Word (Microsoft Word 95 or Word 6.0), or remove the hidden text.

If you are not sure whether to select an option or not, then leave the default options selected. Then you can click on the  Convert PDF Now! button. It takes only a few seconds for the conversion to take place. It does not require that you have Microsoft Office installed on your PC.

7-PDF2Word is a handy little application that can convert PDF files into Microsoft Word documents. The created Word documents are of superior quality and can be edited without any problem.

You can download 7-PDF2Word from https://www.7-pdf.com/products/pdf-to-word-converter.