R-Drive Image : Backup Drives and Create Drive Images

The very first thing I personally do after installing Windows, device drivers and all the essential programs is to create an image of the hard disk drive. This ensures that if something goes wrong, I end up messing the settings or a malware corrupts the system files, I can always restore the system to its fresh installation state using the drive image.

For creating a drive image we can use software like R-Drive Image. It is a powerful tool for creating drive images. The drive images can be created for any kind of storage devices including SSD and HDD. It can also be used for backing up entire hard disks or its selected partitions.

Because it can create exact drive images, it can be used to migrate your system from one drive to another. In this case, it comes very handy if you intend to replace the system drive (on which Windows is installed) with a faster SSD to improve the system responsiveness.

R-Drive Image

R-Drive Image shows up with a user interface from where we can choose various operations – create image, restore image, copy disk, partition management, create OEM, create image from files, check image, create startup disks, mount virtual disk and more.

If you want to create a drive image, you are shown a wizard like interface. It takes us from one step to another and we finally have a drive image. The first step is to select a source drive and its partitions. The second step is to choose a destination where the drive images are placed. Then we are shown a summary of the operation before we can proceed and create the image.

R-Drive Image

The created images can be used on any Windows PC to restore the data. We can use the same image to deploy the installation of the operating system and various modifications to any number of drives attached to the PC.

R-Drive Image is definitely a useful tool to have that can help us migrate from one drive to another. We can also use it to recover after data loss, drive corruption or hardware failure.

You can download R-Drive Image from https://www.drive-image.com/.