How to Make Backup for Pale Moon Browser Profiles

Pale Moon web browser has been around for a few years and is the choice of those Firefox users who do not like the path Mozilla has taken. Pale Moon is essentially Firefox but it avoids “not so popular” features. In addition, it brings very useful features of its own. For example, it maintains a library of classic extensions which are carefully picked. It is very lightweight and works smoothly on all versions of Windows as well as on Linux.

Just like Firefox, Pale Moon also has user profiles. And if you want to backup your profile, then you can use the free Pale Moon profile backup tool. This tool has two limitations – it works with the default profile only and it works with the installed version of Pale Moon browser only.

Here is how you can quickly create backups of entire profiles using the Pale Moon Profile Backup Tool:

  1. You can download Pale Moon Profile Backup Tool from
  2. Launch the downloaded file pmbackup.exe as it is a portable application and does not require installation.
  3. Click on the Set backup path button to change the folder where Pale Moon profile backups are going to be saved. By default, this folder is set to be inside the Windows user profile folder.Pale Moon Profile Backup Tool
  4. Click on the large Backup button to instantly create a backup for the default Pale Moon profile folder. The created backup will appear in the list of backups in the tool’s window.
  5. Later if you wish to restore a profile from the backup, then yo can first select it from the list of backups and then click on the large Restore button.

As you can see, this tool makes it very easy and quick to keep backups of your Pale Moon user profiles. We can create backups and restore from these backups instantly.