Scan Windows PC for Virus with iolo Malware Killer

It is the beginning of  a nightmare when your Windows PC becomes infected with malware. It does not matter what kind of malware it is, you are going to go through a hard time because of the infection. But it does not mean that you have to immediately call the PC repair shop and have the hard drive replaced. You can remove the malware using any anti-malware application such as iolo Malware Killer.

Available both as a standalone utility and as a part of the System Mechanic suite, this anti-malware tool can scan and remove malware from your PC. It is an on-demand scanner and the user has to run the scan of the system manually.

After the installation of iolo Malware Killer, it starts to update the virus definitions. The application will not do anything before the virus definitions are updated. Once the update is complete, you can access the user interface of the iolo Malware Killer.

iolo Malware Killer

There are many different types of scans – scan all drives, scan a specific folders, scan a specific file, scan system files, etc. After making a selection of any of these, we can click on the large “Scan” button. For the first scan, we recommend the scan type – “Scan all drives”.

After scanning your hard drive, it will display the list of all the malicious files and the infected files. We can select these files and choose an action – Move to quarantine, Clean or Exclude. It is recommended that you first attempt to clean the malware and if it fails, then you can quarantine the infected files.

iolo Malware Killer

We tried scanning the standard EICAR test file and it found it without any problem. It keeps running in the background to find any new and unknown malware too.

You can download iolo Malware Killer from