Epic Games Store Giveaway : Horror Game “Saturnalia”

On the occasion of the Halloween this year, Epic Games store is giving away some really serious horror games. One of the games on the list of the giveaways is “Saturnalia”. This game is not for the faint of the hearts and can make even the best of us feel very uneasy.

In the Saturnalia game, you are living in an Italian village called Sardinia. The village follows an ancient ritual based on an equally old folklore. This village is a very difficult to track maze with no two iterations the same which means that every single path you choose, it will result in a completely different result.

The game is a survival horror game and you have to make your way out of this village in time. Darkness comes at the evening and your only weapon is a matchbox. You have to keep lighting the matches to give you a dim light but this is enough to guide your way.


As you play this game, you will meet others and you will also find other useful objects. There are four characters in total and this includes yourself. As the game progresses the characters might disappear. When all the characters disappear, the village structure changes. This means that now you have to explore the village all over again.

The game requires a gaming computer with some basic specs. Any Windows PC running with 4 GB RAM, a graphics card with support for DirectX 10, and a 64-bit dual core processor will be enough to play this game.

You can claim your free copy of the Saturnalia game by visiting https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/saturnalia and clicking on the Get button. For this to work you have to be logged in using your Epic Games store account in your web browser. Alternatively, you can also find this game in the Epic Games launcher and add it to your games library as usual.