Sound Normalizer : Adjust Audio Files Volume to Normal Levels

It so happens at times that when we play a number of audio files, some of the audio files play much louder than the others. This is because of the volume amplitude level is higher in these files. You can actually see the difference in various audio files by opening them in Audacity. This program can visually show you the amplitude of the waveform in the audio files.

If your audio files collection also contains files with varying audible volume levels then you can use a program called Sound Normalizer. This program can adjust the audio file’s volume to normal levels. The adjustment is done after complete analysis of the audio files. It also comes with batch normalizer feature and audio files conversion tool.

Sound Normalizer

We can begin by opening an audio file in Sound Normalizer. After opening the audio file, we can click on the Test button. This will analyze the selected audio file and show you the maximum volume level produced by this audio file in terms of decibels. If the decibels for either the left or right channels is above 97 db then it has to be normalized.

We can adjust the volume levels using the slider controls for both the left and the right channels. After increasing or decreasing the volume levels, we have to click on the Normalize button. Now you can click on the Test button again to see if the volume levels have been fixed. If the volume appears to be within the normal levels, you can save the audio file.

Sound Normalizer

Another useful feature that Sound Normalizer comes with is the converter tool. Using this tool we can convert the WAV and MP3 files. If you have opened an MP3 file, you can launch the converter tool from the toolbar of Sound Normalizer. This will open the converter window where we can adjust the settings and convert the files.

Sound Normalizer also offers a batch processor using which we can normalize the volumes of multiple audio files in just one go. It is very useful tool to correct and normalize the volumes of your music collection.

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