Two Ways of Hiding the Sidebar in Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge web browser is always coming up with newer features. The latest version of Edge browser comes with an interesting sidebar similar to what you find in the Opera or the Vivaldi web browsers. Just like in the Vivaldi web browser, you can now use sidebar in the Microsoft Edge browser.

This sidebar offers quick access to some of the most useful features. You can quickly access selected tools in Microsoft Edge through this sidebar. It comes preloaded with online tools such as the Bing search engine, Calculator, Dictionary, Translator, internet connection speed test, and even games and applications included in the Microsoft Office suite. In addition, we can also add our own items in the sidebar.

If you do not like this new change in the Microsoft Edge web browser, then you can hide the sidebar using two methods. First method is quicker but the second method offers more options. In the first method, you have to click on the hide sidebar button which itself is given on the sidebar.

Hide Sidebar in Microsoft Edge

In the second method, you have to first open the Edge browser settings by clicking on the cogwheel icon displayed near the hide sidebar button. When the settings open up, you can click on the Show Sidebar toggle button to disable it. This method has another option. The option to display notifications from the sidebar can be toggled off or on using another toggle button from the same place.

Hide Sidebar in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge web browser has improved ever since Microsoft started using the code base from the Chromium web browser which is open-source. This is the same web browser that makes the base code for other popular web browsers such as Opera browser and the Vivaldi web browser. A similar sidebar feature has been present in the Vivaldi web browser for many years now.