All Video Player : Play All Video and Audio Files Easily

So many people buy a Windows PC with good performance only for watching videos and movies. The computer should have moderate level hardware so that we can enjoy watching TV shows, movies and other streaming media without much trouble. This is because there are so many OTT platforms these days that we can depend entirely on them without needing any cable TV subscription.

But in order to watch videos and movies, you should have two things installed on your Windows PC – Microsoft media foundation and a good media player that is able to play video files of all file formats. All Video Player from Kotato software is one of such media players that can play all kinds of audio, video and playlist files.

During the installation, All Video Player offers to set itself as the default media player for the MP4, WebM, FLV and playlist files. We can later change its file associations using the settings from within the media player. However, the file associations on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC require a few extra steps.

All Video Player

All Video Player supports drag-n-drop user interface. We can drag any video file on its window to start playing the video. All the video files played in the All Video Player are automatically added to its playlist. We can see video thumbnails in its playlist which makes it very easy to select the videos once again. In these video thumbnails, it displays the total time length of the video as well as the video resolutions like 720p or 2K.

All Video Player makes use of the open-source FFmpeg library for playing back the video files. This is why it supports all types of media file formats. Even when playing high definition videos, it does not burden the CPU and the memory that much.

You can download All Video Player from