Vovsoft CSV Contacts to VCF vCard Converter

When it comes to creating a database file, the simplest format is perhaps the CSV file. It is plain text file containing a set of data on each line. Each line contains different data separated by a comma. This is why it is called a comma separated values (CSV) file. The format is so simple that anyone can create or edit this file manually by hand.

Because of its simplicity, CSV is often used to store the contacts data by many applications and mobile apps. We can export Microsoft Outlook contacts into the CSV format as well. But if you want to share your contacts with someone, then you have to send them the vCard file containing the contacts information. This vCard file is in the VCF format.

Basically, a vCard is a virtual business card file. We can use Vovsoft CSV to VCF Converter to convert CSV files containing contacts information into the VCF vCard files. The program is very easy to use and can be operated in two modes – an easy simple mode and an advanced mode.

Vovsoft CSV to VCF Converter

In the simple mode, you have to select a CSV file containing at least the name and the phone numbers of your contacts. Vovsoft CSV to VCF Converter will display the information from inside the file to the user. You can then click on the Export to VCF button to create an equivalent vCard file.

In the advanced mode, you can convert a much more complex CSV file as the input. In this mode, it can choose between the ANSI or the UTF-8 encoding for the CSV file. You can choose whether to use a comma as the separator for the data vales. You can also choose a version of vCard to be used before converting the CSV file.

Vovsoft CSV to VCF Converter is a very handy application for creating and managing vCard contact files. We can use Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice to create a CSV file which is easy to edit. Then we can use the Vovsoft CSV to VCF Converter tool to convert CSV into vCard file to be used and shared in mobile phones.

You can download Vovsoft CSV to VCF Converter from https://vovsoft.com/software/csv-to-vcf-converter/.