Auto Movie Thumbnailer : Generate Screen Caps for Movies

If you keep a large collection of movies or videos on your hard disk drive, then you already know the problem of searching through them. If you have a thousand videos, it becomes very difficult to find the video that you are looking for without playing each one of them in a media player.

The solution to this problem is very easy – we can create screen thumbnails or screen caps for each of the videos. Instead of playing all the videos, we now have to view the scree cap images and we can find the video we were looking for easily.

In order to create the screen caps for the videos, we can use a free software called Auto Movie Thumbnailer (AMT). As the title of the software depicts, it generates screen caps (video thumbnails) inside a JPEG image. The file name of the screen cap image is same as the video file name so that you can find the matching videos easily. In addition the file name of the video is also printed inside the image itself.

Auto Movie Thumbnailer

The application is designed to be run in the batch mode – to generate multiple screen caps for many videos files. In the user interface of AMT, you can choose the folders containing the video files and move to the next step.

Before you start creating the screen caps, you might want to switch to the “Layout” tab and choose the screen cap layout. Here we can choose the font, text size, image file type, image size, thumbnails per row or column, padding, timestamp and more.

Auto Movie Thumbnailer is a very useful tool for people who have a large video collection. It makes use of some very powerful open-source tools like Mplayer, Media Info, ImageMagick, Exiftool etc. The screen caps produced by AMT are very high quality and contain all the information one could desire about the respective video files.

You can download Auto Movie Thumbnailer from