HMW : Hide Any Window Instantly on Windows Desktop

Now that FIFA World Cup 2022 is going on in Qatar, so many of us want to keep up with the scores of our favorite football teams. When we are at work, we sometimes open the live score sites and want to check up on what is happening in the football playgrounds at Qatar. But this must be done with special precautions as your boss might sneak up behind you and catch you watching the replays of special football moments. You can either keep looking sideways and behind you, or you can try a special software called HMW (short for Hide My Windows).

HMW is available for Windows in a portable format. You can extract HMW.exe from the downloaded ZIP archive and run it without installing anything. This makes it an ideal candidate for the portable USB pen drive applications collection. Since the program does not install on the operating system, your boss cannot find its traces on the computer.

HMW is a single window user interface which makes it very easy for use. It displays a list of running programs on your system. You can select any of these running programs and change their properties in a single click. This way you can make their respective windows maximized, minimized, cascaded, move, reset, or even close them.

Hide My Windows

HMW comes with a Boss Key which can be used to quickly hide everything and open an specific program. For example, you can hide everything and lunch Chrome web browser with Merriam Webster dictionary website. Your boss will assume that you are looking up a great word or phrase for your new article.

HMW can visually hide open windows and running programs, but when a seasoned expert starts to investigate your system, all the hiding attempts are going to fail. HMW is great a tool for casual hiding the open windows but it is not going to work against the experts who can see through all the usual tricks.

You can download HWM from