Automatically Toggle Dark or Light Modes with Auto Dark Mode X

As we all know that Windows 10 and Windows 11 come in two color themes – dark and light. The dark theme is good for working darker environments. Our eyes adapt to the dark theme easily when we are working on our Windows PC late at night. Similarly, the light theme is suited better during the day time or when it is bright light in the room. By using the right theme or mode, we can reduce the stress on our eyes and keep the healthy for a long long time.

Even if you do not work on a desktop or a laptop PC in your profession, watching movies or videos on the PC screen could also put strain on your eyes and using a dark theme is recommended for such prolonged activities.

If you do not want to bother with manually switching between the two types of screen color modes, then you can use an open-source tool called Auto Dark Mode X. This tool can automatically set light mode or dark mode on your Windows 10 or 11 PC based on certain criteria or triggers.

Auto Dark Mode X

The user interface of Auto Dark Mode X is very modern and is perhaps inspired by the Windows 11. It looks as if we are using Windows settings interface.  We can choose the time when the dark mode is automatically applied. In the time options, we can choose sunset to sunrise (based on computer clock), sunset to sunrise (based on geo-location), from Windows night light, or we can choose custom hours.

The app also allows the user to manually switch modes. We can set custom hotkeys for setting the modes. We can also make it automatically switch to the dark mode when the laptop is working on the battery alone. By using the dark mode, the screen will be using less power and this reduces the battery power usage.

You can download Auto Dark Mode X from