Epic Games Store Giveaway : Puzzle Game Filament

Epic Games store is giving away yet another game – Filament. This game is a puzzle pack of very difficult problems to be solves using cables. The game begins with easy puzzles but pretty soon you find scratching your head as the puzzles become harder.

The Filament game also has a very interesting background story. You are on board of a ship named Alabaster. The ship’s crew has abandoned the ship and only one pilot is on board. You have to seek the pilot’s help to find out what happened to the ship and its crew.

In order to find out what has happened to the ship and its crew, you have to solve the cables based puzzles. These cables behave like the filament in the incandescent filament lamp. When the filament touches the electrodes, it glows. Similarly, in the Filament game the cable and the posts around which it is wound start glowing bright. Usually in the puzzle you have to take the cable around all the posts once.

Filament Game

The ship is also very interesting and it is a whole lot of fun just exploring the ship. You can walk anywhere on the ship and examine things. When you are exploring the ship, you can keep talking to the ship’s pilot and ask for help or explanation. The pilot, Juniper, is reluctant to talk at first but she becomes very open to helping you and talking about her crew as you talk more to her.

The game can be run on any Windows PC with 4GB RAM and a decent graphics card such as Nvidia GeForce GTX 745. The gaming PC can be running on any type of multi-core processor with more than 1 GHz clock frequency.

You can claim a free copy of the puzzle game Filament from the Epic Games store website at https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/filament-332a92. This giveaway is available for 1 week only.