Billy : Play All MP3 Files Non-Stop from a Folder

In the past we posted about a brilliant music player called 1by1 which is a sequential directory player. Now we have discovered yet another directory player called Billy. It works much in the same way but does not offer a modern GUI like 1by1 but otherwise both players are portable and lightweight.

Billy is a portable directory music player that supports many different music file formats such as WAV, OGG, MP3, FLAC etc. In addition it also supports some of the most popular audio playlist formats such as M3U or PLS. It does not seem to support Unicode type playlists like M3U8.

After launching Billy, we can start by adding MP3 files (or other kind of audio files). There is a simple way of doing it – by pressing the F3 button and choosing the folder containing all of your audio files. You can also use the menubar and select File, then Add folder to choose your music folder.

Billy Music Player

Furthermore, you can also add files, playlists or URLs for online resources. The player controls are as usual and give the user ability to play, pause, stop the music. We can skip to next or previous tracks as well. The playlist can be repeated, the files can be repeated, and we can shuffle the playlist to play random audio tracks.

For the playlist displayed in the Billy window, we also have many controls. For example, we can perform basic file operations on the added files – view properties, delete, rename, etc. The audio files are displayed with the metadata information embedded inside them, but we can choose to display them using the filenames, full paths or relative paths.

Billy Music Player

In the options for Billy, we can associate various supported audio file formats with it. We can define our default music folders so that Billy loads them as soon as we launch it. We can assign hotkeys for controlling the audio playback. We can record online radio stations using Billy (when their audio URL is opened by Billy) and more.

You can download Billy MP3 Player from or from


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