Earth.FM is Online Radio for Mozilla Firefox Browser

Whether you are working on your computer or busy writing the next report for your school homework, it makes sense to calm your mind before you sit down to start working. There is an easy way to increase focus and calm your mind is to listen to either the nature sounds or the white noise.

Listening to the nature sounds such as birds chirping in the forest or the water flowing in a river are very hard if you are sitting inside a fully air-conditioned office building. This is where an extension called Earth.FM for Firefox web browser can help you out.

Earth.FM extension for Firefox adds an icon in the Firefox web browser. We can click on this icon to the online radio player for listening to the nature sounds. The radio player app has a great radio channel called “Relax” which plays sounds recorded from the wilderness of Serengeti in Africa.

Earth.FM Radio for Firefox

The sounds of Serengeti include birds, hippos, lions, zebras, wildebeests, rhinoceros, elephants, cheetahs, leopards and more. The sounds are recorded near the Mara river that is the lifeline of the Savanna region. Sometimes it feels like somebody turned on the National Geographic channel and left the TV running. There is the obvious difference between the National Geographic TV documentaries about Savanna and the Serengeti sounds coming from this extension – there is no narrator in the latter.

Even though the Earth.FM radio extension is designed in the manner of other online radio players, it does not really tune to any radio station other than the Serengeti sounds. With only one only radio station, it does not qualify as a real online radio station player. However, the developer promises that more radio stations will be added in the future versions of the extension.

You can get the Earth.FM extension for Firefox from