Image Converter Tool : Convert Image File Formats

Image Converter tool is a Windows application for converting image file formats from one type into another. It supports batch mode conversion of image file formats. It supports all the popular image formats such as JPG, PNG, TIFF etc. However it does not support the HEIC image file format which is quickly becoming popular these days.

The program is designed using Perl programming language and we must install Strawberry Perl package on Windows before this program can be used. You can download and install Strawberry Perl package from This package installs Perl binaries along with some compiler tool chains.

The user interface of this program allows for the selection of an image and then we can choose the output image file format using a drop-down list-box. It also offers a batch mode where we can select a number of image files and convert them all in a single go. For converting the files, we have to click on the Start button in the Image Converter.

Image Converter

The results of the conversion are displayed in a different tab. The results include both the after and before statistics of the conversion. In both the sides, a thumbnail of the original/converted image is displayed along with detailed information about the file.

The file information includes file name, file size, file permissions, creation date, access date, file type, file description, MIME type, image width, image height, image size (dimensions), color depth, JFIF version, and the encoding used. Interestingly it does not show the compression or the quality level of the converted image files.

The demo version of the Image Converter program does not allow the input image files to be larger than 10 kilobytes which basically cripples the software. The demo version also does not allow using of the batch mode (conversion of multiple images at once) and we cannot access the settings.

You can download Image Converter from