Fix Broken Codecs on Windows with Codec Tweak Tool

A typical Windows PC comes with Windows Media Player installed. We can play some very simple videos using the this pre-installed Windows Media Player such as the AVI files without any compression. But when we start to play videos that have been encoded using codecs such as DivX or Matroska, then we cannot play them at all. For such videos, Windows Media Player displays the error – “codec missing”.

This is why so many Windows PC users end up installing codecs using codec packs such as K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. This pack includes everything you would need to start playing all kinds of videos. It comes with hundreds of different codecs – some of which are rarely used by anyone. It comes with tools such as media info and even a third-party video player called MPC (Media Player Classic).

Over the time, if the configuration settings related to these codecs get corrupted or the codec files are deleted, then you can fix it by using a special tool called Codec Tweak Tool. This tool has options to repair and fix errors related to media codecs. It works great when fixing errors related to K-Lite Codec Pack.

Code Tweak

After launching Codec Tweak Tool, we have to click on the Fixes button under the General section. This will bring up another window from where we can choose options for detecting and removing broken codecs and DirectShow filters. We can also reset media foundation on Windows without which playing media is very difficult. We can also clear all kinds of cache such as icons cache, fonts cache, Active Movie cache, audio device filter cache. By clearing these cache regularly, you can ensure problem free media playback.

Code Tweak

Apart from these fixes, we can also save, restore and reset all the media codecs settings using the Codec Tweak Tool. It is definitely the Swiss army knife for fixing problems related to media codecs installed on Windows.

You can download Codec Tweak Tool from