Epic Games Store Giveaway : Star Wars Squadrons

Epic Games store is once again giving away a really cool game – Star Wars: Squadrons. As anyone can guess this game is related to the Star Wars franchise. However, in this game you can play as a starfighter pilot. In the Star Wars franchise, a starfighter is a small spaceship that can be maneuvered easily. It has a primary function of engaging the enemy in space battles. It can also be used to carry out spy missions because of its small size. However usually they fight together in large numbers called squadrons.

Squadrons able to fight with starfighters have a great importance in both the New Republic and the Imperial fleets. In this game we can learn to fly starfighters of many different models such as X-Wing and TIE fighter. For all of these models, you can customize the layout, change the cosmetics, and make them your own. While engaging in the space battles, you can choose which modules of your spacecraft needs more power. As such you can shift more power to the engine, weapons or shields.

Star Wars: Squadrons Giveaway

If being able to fly the starfighter is not enough exciting for you, the game has much more exciting things in store for you. You can actually engage in various battles located in new locations in the space. For example, there is a battle that takes place near the gas giant of Yavin Prime. The spectacular graphics of the battles alone will make you feel like you are Han Solo and you have Chewbacca sitting by your side.

You can claim this game by visiting https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/star-wars-squadrons in your web browser, signing-in to your Epic Games store account, and adding this game to your library. You can also use Epic Games launcher to claim this giveaway easily. The giveaway will last until 1st December, 2022.