Ghostery Dawn : Firefox Based Privacy Centered Browser

When it comes to high levels of security, people often give examples of Fort Knox. This is where the United States government keeps all of their gold reserves stored – in form of bullions and coins. It is shielded by multiple layers of US army battalions. Some experts have also speculated of large battle tanks guarding the whole region.

In the field of web browsers privacy and security, we can compare Fort Knox with Ghotery Dawn. It is a highly secure and privacy oriented web browser based on Firefox. Firefox itself is a highly secure web browser. Ghostery Dawn goes few steps ahead and further fortifies the Firefox code with a little modification and addition of their Ghostery extension.

Ghostery Dawn is a web browser that simply cannot let any website violate your privacy. It comes with anti-tracking and ad-blocking abilities. It can make web browsing faster by blocking certain elements on a website that might be causing problems with loading of the webpages.

Ghostery Dawn

The anti-tracking features of this web browser uses advanced algorithms to keep trackers at bay. It makes your web browsing experience completely anonymous.

It also comes with a new search engine called Ghostery Glow. Glow is a search engine that neither tracks your searches nor does it favor promotions. At the same time, users can switch to more popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Ghostery Dawn is available for Windows, Linux and macOS. It is an open-source web browser and any developer can check its code on GitHub anytime they want. There is no hidden surprises. Just like Firefox, it also offers automatic updates to the web browser as well as the extensions installed.

Ghostery Dawn

While Ghostery Dawn is a completely locked down web browser as far as user privacy is concerned, it alone is not enough for full security against many other kinds of threats. We recommend that the users should use a good Internet Security product such as Bitdefender Internet Security.

You can download Ghostery Dawn from