zzBatman : Batman Logo Screensaver for Windows PC

Nothing much has changed as far as personalization of a Windows PC is concerned during past two decades. We have come so far from Windows XP days to Windows 11, but we still change the desktop backgrounds and set a screensaver. While choosing a pleasant looking desktop background is not that difficult, finding a screensaver has become relatively more difficult over the past few years.

The reason is decline of the bulky CRT monitors and an exponential increase in the popularity of the LCD screens. Screensavers were used mainly to prevent burning of the CRT monitors. Because not many people use CRT monitors, the utility of screensavers has also diminished.

If you want a great looking screensaver for your Windows PC, then you can try zzBatman. It is a simple screensaver for Windows that displays different Batman logos on your screen. There are Batman logos of all styles including the 3D and mixed logos.

zzBatman Screensaver

The screensaver is provided in a ZIP archive. Inside this archive is the SCR file which can be installed very easily. We can right-click on the zzBatman.scr file and choose Install from the right-click menu to install it. This will copy this file in the right folders and set it as your active screensaver.

In the settings for the zzBatman, we can choose the type of logo to be used – the dark knight, batman beyond, batman vengeance, batman Gotham knights, batman dead end, batman begins, Batman: the brave and the bold.

zzBatman Screensaver

We can choose choose an effect – cleared or blurred. We can also choose an environment – galaxy, space, fog, seaside, or landscape. It also shows where the settings are being saved in the Windows Registry so that you can remove them if so desired. Finally, it also gives you an option of manual close to be toggled.

You can download zzBatman Batman logo screensaver from https://torry.net/authorsmore.php?id=2636.