How to Reset Local Windows User Password

I still remember how everyone watched wide-eyed when one of the senior school students showed us how to reset the BIOS password simply by removing the CMOS battery from the motherboard for sometime. I felt like I have gained some secret underground knowledge for many days. But now I know that all of this is actually mentioned in the motherboard manuals, in the case we have forgotten the BIOS settings password

Another similar situation arises when we get locked out of a Windows PC because we have forgotten Windows user password. In this case, we need a little bit more than just pulling out the battery from the PC. For this, we have to use a program like “KakaSoft Reset Forgotten Windows Password” tool.

For installing this tool on your Windows PC you need internet access as it downloads more files from the internet which are necessary for the installation to complete. After the installation is complete, you can create a bootable password reset disk using this tool. The password reset disk could be a bootable CD or a USB flash drive.

Reset Windows Password

Once the bootable disk is ready, you can use it to boot into your Windows computer. It will take you to a wizard like user interface where you can see all the Windows user accounts available on your PC. You can choose which of the user accounts, you wish to work on.

After selecting a user account, you can choose to remove the password account associated with that user account and proceed further by clicking on the Next button. It will take a few seconds and it will be all done. Now you can reboot your Windows PC.

Reset Windows Password

Now at Windows logon, you can login to your user account just by entering a blank password. Typically you would reset an administrator account so that you can reset other accounts as well.

You can download “KakaSoft Reset Forgotten Windows Password” from